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The future has landed
and there are no hoverboards or flying cars.
Just trucks. Lots of mother flipping trucks


Agent based simulation

The new solution to modelling your operation in detail. True 3D interaction of your mining fleet and equipment. Model your operations environment in 3D taking into account fleet movement and interaction, source and destination definitions and stockpiling logic.

Agent Based Modelling is the next iteration in Discrete Event Simulation. Model fleet variability with distribution data assigned to agent parameters such as loading rates, payload, spotting and dumping times. Build the variability into your model to simulate your operation and see the impacts of true fleet interactions.

Simulate your plans
and identify bottlenecks before you have to deal with them in the field.

By building your own fleet using your own operational parameters you can plan and then execute with confidence.

Identify your current operational challenges through simple reporting, dashboards or maps and find the best possible outcome for every shift.


See your problems before they occur


Build real load and haul logic into your simulation

Account for truck and digger interactions, turning logic and passing rules

Use the ability to configure your full fleet including your ancillary equipment such as water carts and graders into your simulation.

Visually see the impacts of road alignments, intersections and speeds on your fleet.

See where a loaded truck is being slowed down by a light vehicle or service truck.

Define each stockpile with build and destroy logic and rules

Assign each stockpile a capacity and then a set of rules around how that stockpile is constructed and then reclaimed.

Assign the rules around what material can be sent to a stockpile and the fleet logic around how a truck decides what stockpile should be used.


Build real stockpile logic into your simulation


Agent Based Simulation Modelling

Agent Based Modelling 

Create simulation models of complex systems quickly

True 3D Environment

Model your operation in 3D, using your haulage network and infrastructure configuration.

Real Fleet / Equipment Interaction

Each agent in the simulation recognises where it is and where all the other agents are and interacts with them in real space.

Model Fleet Variability

Use actual data, fleet assumptions and detailed distributions to reflect the real world.

Source and Destinations

Define links between your source and destination points through a simple list and watch your fleet work between them.

Stockpile Logic

Control your stockpile build and reclaim in great detail. Identify truck queue easily.

Crusher Logic

Define your crusher parameters and see your truck fleet tip, queue as set by your own operations parameters.

Plan Validation

Test your plans before you execute them – know where your issues are before they are happening. Execute with confidence.

User Environment

Modern, easy to understand user interface with a focus on the user first.

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