The Next Big Thing

Adding value to our clients by changing data to produce valuable insights

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Our Mission

atomorphis is about  taking the smallest "atomic" unit of data and changing or "morphing" into information to allow our clients to make informed and valuable decisions. We do this by applying cutting edge techniques and algorithms to solve problems which were previously considered unsolvable.

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Areas of Focus


We have decades of experience in the mining industry with expert domain knowledge in the area of mine scheduling and solving multi objective problems.

Our experience also extends to equipment studies, blast optimisation and optimisation of modifying factors for resource/reserve estimation.


There are numerous ways of improving productivity and reducing the overall costs of your processing plant.

Call atomorphis to discuss ways of helping to assist with reducing downtime and improving the efficiency of your process plant.


Improving the classification of your resource, obtaining insights into your data, data cleansing and dealing with uncertainty.

Abstract Futuristic Background

Domain Knowledge

The atomorphis team are industry experts with many years of experience both on operating mines and in the consulting space. The power of bringing your ideas and problems to the atomorphis team is the strong domain knowledge we have in your industry and the fact we have walked a mile your shoes, we are able to understand what you are trying to achieve and very quickly be in a position to provide solutions.