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The Team

Meet the nucleus of atomorphis!

Steve Craig
Chief Executive Officer

Steve commenced his career as a mining engineer in 1988 and has worked in multiple operations in both operations and mine planning roles.


Since 1995, Steve has worked as a consultant engineer on many different projects across the globe. During 2005, Steve and Ross Cheyne co-founded ORELOGY Consulting and have continued to grow the business. Christie Myburgh was ORELOGY's first employee starting work in 2006.

During 2008, Steve, together with his Christie and Ross, commenced the development of Evolution Scheduling Software. At the time, the ethos behind the software was to use cutting edge technology such as the cloud infrastructure for managing, storing and processing schedules; multi objective evolution optimisation techniques and subscription as a service as a means to deliver these services to clients.

At the time, many of these techniques were truly innovative and are now considered mainstream.

Since 2014, Evolution was acquired by Maptek who are a leading supplier of mining software and as such, the user base has now increased to over 70 licenses around the world. Evolution continues to improve the value of many operations and projects through cut-off grade, haulage and blend optimisation techniques.

atomorphis leverages off this experience and represents the opportunity to combine and apply machine learning, artificial intelligence and evolutionary optimisation techniques into a unique framework to simulate and optimise complex processes.

Christie Myburgh

Chief Technical Officer

Christie has several publications to his name most notably an award-winning paper for the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Track at GECCO USA 2016.  This paper describes the work that led to the discovery of a custom genetic algorithm that efficiently solve an extremely high dimensional integer linear optimisation problem, in the order of a billion variables.

When he isn’t glued to his computer screen, he is enjoying movies, some fishing and trying his best to not embarrass himself on the golf course.

As part of the Evolution acquisition Christie moved to Maptek during 2014 where he eventually became the Head of Development Mine Planning Solutions.  There he successfully established a Machine Learning department and they were the first to successfully use deep learning models to perform geological modelling. 

Of late Christie is focusing on creating custom solutions to complex practical problems using complexity theory and various memetic and machine learning algorithms.  Currently he is developing a new optimisation framework which combines AI, Evolutionary Algorithms and various simulation engines.