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We make it - you own it

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Customised Solutions

Every site has it's own challenges and you know your operation better than anyone.

Often you will have an idea, or ideas that would help improve your operation, but don't quite have the skills to turn your idea into a solution.

That is where atomorphis can help.

The atomorphis team have years of industry experience which means you get people who have experience in on the ground mining operations, but also who have been working with data and mining specific data for a very long time.

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Who owns it ?

Very simply - you do. The idea is yours. At the end of working with atomorphis we hand over everything.

If after working with atomorphis you decide to continue working with the code yourself, or with another team, you will have everything in front of you to allow that.

We make it - You own it.

Intellectual Property

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The atomorphis team are your partners in your idea. We are the team you bring in to help turn your ideas into solutions.

By taking advantage of our domain knowledge your solutions will come to life quickly. We have walked a mile in your shoes, so having to go into detail around what mining is so a developer can kind of understand what you are talking about is time you can spend creating the solution.


That is the  value you have in using the atomorphis team and what we bring to the table in providing you help and support.

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High level data modelling - spatial, block model, blasting

We have a huge amount of experience in working with traditional mining data, spatial coordinate data, mining physicals, or more specific, detailed environments such as block models, fleet data, blasting.

Whether it is as simple as creating a reporting tool or dashboard, or all the way through to building an engine using evolutionary algorithms to solve a specific problem we have the skills to help.

Proof of Concept Contract Pricing Tool

A custom built, template based tool to allow for quick turnaround of contract pricing models. Most importantly through the use of the template approach and storing previous data in a database, consistent output were achieved.

Proof of Concept Fleet Modelling

Creation of a spatial engine to help demonstrate the impacts of fleet size and fleet number on a haulage system.

Project Examples